Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Ten O'Clock Scholar...

a diller, a dollar a ten o'clock scholar... a dollar is about all this desk was worth when we started.  a sad cast-off likely relegated to the street in lieu of some flashy particle filled euro-desk...  and in all fairness, what scholar would want to spend any time dreaming about his future at a sorry looking desk like this....

no matter the time or the angle of the sun, it just would not do...

so once again, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to the rescue!!!

a little ASCP Paris Gray, 

some soft dark wax, 

a little elbow grease, 

a little time with some 220 grit sandpaper up top,

a smidge of inspiring trinkets, and

what dreamer couldn't spend the afternoon studying 

to his hearts


there will be no more starting at noon for this lucky scholar...

class dismissed...

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  1. love your desk and i would love to feature it if that would be ok please let me know.