Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh Well

I loved this layout so much I couldn't see how my client wouldn't feel the same. Yes, it included some well known fabrics -

 Of course if you have Chiang Mai Dragon then you'll probably want some....

I know everybody and their sister has seen Kelly Wearstler's famous fabric, but in all fairness I haven't seen this all over the place...

or this


I have seen this a lot..

Even though we (the client and I) didn't make any decisions today I am sure some Schumacher fabrics will make their way into the final layout.   All fabrics in this post are from the legendary F. Schumacher & Co. I love Schumacher so much, I could stay in their Philadelphia showroom all day pouring over the beautiful textiles. Their collaborations with... 

Mary McDonald

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Celerie Kemble

Trina Turk

are so inspiring and feel so current -not to mention I love thinking about those two from Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo working on this project. I wonder why they didn't do a deal with everyone on the show? Maybe Kathryn Ireland was already working with Scalamandre...I can't remember that far back!  Regardless, Schumacher has remained a vital fabric house, which hasn't been that easy in recent years.  It is still privately owned and operated by direct descendants of the founder.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if something you started today was still supporting your family 5 generations from now? That being said, I'd better get back to the drawing board - literally - if I want my great great grandchildren to have a shot at something like the Schumachers!

ps, I guess Chiang Mai Dragon can't be too tired otherwise why do this?

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