Thursday, June 20, 2013

Painted Floors

We have two porches - on the first floor a porch with small panes of glass on 3 sides. You've seen it before on older houses, French doors off the living room. It's a great space and we haven't used it for a few summers, somehow it became storage. Yes, I admit it - I have the potential to become a star on an episode of Hoarders.  If you really want to see the scary "before" picture you'll have to look at an earlier post, I'm not showing it again until "after" pictures are a reality.

The porch should be used to be charming. It had a green and white checkered board floor. It was a bear to tape out but I really wanted it and my husband painted it after I taped it while I was 9 months pregnant.

So I thought I would never get tired of the checks, but I did. Plus it was worn looking after a few years. I needed to decide - paint the checks again or start over. Well, of course I want to do something new. 
But what?

It's really a fun opportunity to be bold because it is a porch not a living room. You can go all out on the floor if you're really not ready with everything else that goes in the room...meaning the porch furniture probably isn't that expensive so you can change it and not spend a small fortune versus living room furniture. I'm excited to have a fun project that will probably be ready when summer is just about over!

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