Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Purple Princess Wish Granted...

After many, many creative meetings with mommy, 
our customer's very patient curly headed daughter, 

who we will call the princess of purple, 
wondered when she would get to have a design wish 
of her own granted.

 the princess wanted to have a bench in her bedroom.
but it needs to be a PURPLE bench.
 to go with her purple room! you wish!

now, no self respecting princess of purple could have a 
brown and pink needlepoint bench

with nailheads and an "antique" finish in her room!

mommy simply asked that it match the room and the rest of the house, 
so with the client's wishes defined, 
these mice went to work in their workshop.

needlepoint, nailheads and stuffing removed, 
we went to work updating the bench's finish.  
we chose 
ben moore, snow white (what else?!), in eggshell - three coats
with a top coat of clear soft wax.

now, for the purple... 
Waverly's, Lovely Lattice, 
seemed the best fit for both mommy and princess.

tools at the ready...

oh, and, for a touch of super cute - 
rope bracelet "gimp"!!

hasn't every little girl who's ever strolled a boardwalk
had one of these bracelets?!  we sure did!!

tools, materials and base ready,

 all that's left to do is the upholstery. 
with the design centered, 
it's time to staple.

stapling complete, 
ready to trim the excess...

rope "gimp" tacked in place, 

trim glued and complete,

legs reset, 

just waiting for the glue to dry and we're all done!

we hope the princess will be as pleased as we are!

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