Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pondering Possibilities for a Powder Room

A client's powder room design is nearly complete but for the wall treatment...wallpaper, paint or stencil. That is the question. 
My original choice was a Phillip Jefferies metallic -

still love it but, the minimum amount I could order made it cost prohibitive.
So I thought maybe go in a different direction with a Galbraith and Paul -

I love the lotus and it can be custom colored, so that's good.

But what about a stencil? 
There are so many great looks and of course the colors will be perfect.

As you can see I am willing to be flexible, these 3 looks are not similar. I believe that the rest of the room is so classic that any of these would look beautiful. I really want to do something besides paint, since it is fun to do something in a powder room and not a lot of material is required. 

I'm not really accurate when I say this is the last piece of the puzzle, 
I still need a mirror. I'm dying to use this...

Jonathan Adler mirror. 

I think it will look great with these Circa Lighting sconces

and this Waterfall vanity 

all wrapped up with this New Ravenna chevron 

Stay tuned for the whole kit and kaboodle!

*I reserve the right to change my mind on almost anything!

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