Thursday, May 23, 2013

American Spirit

One day last spring, while scouring through a fantastic barn-meets-menagerie of antiquities on the outskirts of bucks county, pennsylvania, this quirky little all american beauty of a shelf peaked out from under a battered old table, whispering, "help me.... save me..."

so we did...

now, normally, this little shelf is the unassuming workhorse in our kitchen.  it is the cozy home to the salt & pepper shakers, sugar, sweet-n-low, etc., but sometimes in addition to it's hardworking efforts, when the season requires, it stands ready to serve as the most charming little opportunity for a delightful display of spirit - christmas, easter, halloween and so on - 

so, at this most patriotic time of year, 
here's to the american spirit...!

happy memorial day, everyone!!

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