Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Too Much of a Good Thing?

One of my favorite smells in the world is "New Book - circa 1968". Uh - oh! Did I just reveal a clue to tightly guarded secret? Will people think my POV is less relevant when they know I could read in 1968?

I digress...
All my life I have loved books. My first book from my school library was about a forest fire. I really didn't want it but I ran out time by my indecisiveness. So it was a dream come true when we bought a house with a library - not a family room. Over the years books like


have graced the shelves. Many memories are stored on these shelves. Golden Books have been replaced with mostly heavy design books and recently this happened

The enormous weight of all my design books finally took a toll. The last book on the right is where the shelf used to be. So a minor revamp was necessary. I perused all my saved favorites for inspiration 

I am so envious of Joni Webb's new library, sigh.

So, I am really not ready for full overhaul but clearly need to do something.
 Here are my bookcases with a mini face lift, botoxed, booktoxed?

Only 5 more to go!
Will post when rest are finished but please don't hold your breathe!

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