Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lab Stool Redux

Long ago and far away in a land where nerdy men wearing pocket protectors and horn-rimmed glasses,  these stools served a noble purpose in a well-known Philadelphia chemical laboratory.  No need to be seriously comfortable, they were for the rare at-ease moments for the busy lab rats taking a brief  respite while they did their tricky mathematics.  Now, rescued from their unworthy sentence to the scrap heap, they now serve MUCH lazier rats, who like a little luxury, not to mention a little cushion...

so, with some leftover drop cloth scraps, a $3 seat cushion from Ikea and a little silhouette machine pixie dust the noble lab stools were magically transformed.... pouff!! waahla!! ta-da!!

best of all they are removable and washable, which, given their new purpose in life, where sometimes they do their duty in the workroom....

and other times they are hard at work in the kitchen...

is a good thing...

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  1. Wow, they really have moved on up. They are classic chic now!